Who is speaking to Horace Danby? [Solved] (2022)

Who is speaking to Horace Danby?

A lady standing in the doorway is speaking to Horace Danby. She is young and pretty and is dressed in red. She said she had come just in time or else her family would have been robbed by Horace. She thus pretended to be one of the members of the family living at Shotover Grange.... read more ›

Who is speaking to horse Danby?

A young woman pretending to be the lady of the house is speaking to Danby. She is another thief just like Horace. Was this answer helpful?... see more ›

What is the name of the lady who is talking to Horace?

A lady standing in the doorway is speaking to Horace Dancy. She appears to be the lady of the house.... read more ›

Who is the real culprit in the story?

The real culprit is the woman who pretended to be a member of the family living at Shotover Grange. She tricked Horace into believing her and cleverly took away all the jewels that were kept in the safe.... read more ›

Who is Horace Danby?

Horace Danby was a meticulous planner, but still he faltered. He used to plan his robberies very well. He knew all the details of the Shotover Grange. He knew the time when there would be no one at the house.... see more ›

Who was Horace Danby Class 10?

Horace Danby is a thief, who steals rare books every once a year. He has a uniqueness in his stealing ways. Even at the age of 50 he is yet unmarried and people think of him as a man who is honest and kind in nature. He has a good reputation among the social stratification.... see more ›

Who is the author of A Question of Trust Class 10?

Summary of A Question of Trust

The author of this short story is Horace Danby. This story is about a thief who gets a taste of his own deeds.... see details ›

How did the lady deceive Horace?

The lady managed to deceive Horace Danby into thinking that she was the lady of the house with her subtle ways. She was dressed up pretty well, just like the lady of the house would be dressed.... view details ›

How did the lady in red trap Horace?

Her acting made Horace believe that she was the lady of the house and then, she tricked him by making Horace open the safe. Horace opened the safe without wearing gloves which left his fingerprints on the safe, and Horace was arrested.... read more ›

What is Shotover Grange in the story?

Shotover Grange was the house in which Horace Danby decided to Rob.... read more ›

How did Max got in?

Max has got into the room using a passkey.... read more ›

Who is the real culprit in the story Brainly?

Who is the real culprit in the story? The real culprit in the story was the young woman who pretended to be a family member living at Shotover Grange. She tricked Horace Danby to believe her and managed to convince him to open the safe for her, in return she would let him go without informing the police.... read more ›

What did Lencho hope for?

Lencho hoped for a good rain as it was much needed for a good harvest.... read more ›

What type of a man was the postmaster?

In the story, "The Postmaster" by Rabindranath Tagore, the Postmaster is a romantic, positive, realistic and a simple man. He seems to be a romantic man because he wants to share his romantic memories with people around him. he also tried his hand in writing.... read more ›

Why did the lady report to the police?

The lady was another robber who had come to rob the house. She acted as the owner's wife and told Horace that if he helps her to get the jewellery she forgot to wear she would not complain to the Police. Even though Horace gave her all the jewels she reported him to the police.... continue reading ›

What kind of life did Horace lead?

Expert-verified answer

Horace Danby was thought to be a good and honest citizen. He was about fifty years old and married . He lived with a house keeper who was very much worried about his health. Usually He was very well and happy except for attacks of hay fever in summer.... read more ›

Who is he in the above extract?

Answer: The word 'he' in the above extract refers to the lawyer.... read more ›

Why is Shotover called Shotover?

The toponym may be derived from the Old English scēot ofer, meaning "steep slope". Shotover was part of the Wychwood royal forest from around the period of the Domesday Book until 1660. It was also known as the Forest of Shotover. A hill figure is recorded as having once been carved on the hill.... see more ›

What do old men ask the poet?

The old man asks the poet about his land. He asked him that does his land looks like. The old man was blind and wasn't able to experience the beauty of his land. So, he took help from the poet.... see more ›

Who was Ausable Class 10?

Answer: Ausable was a secret agent. He was living in a French hotel. His room was on the sixth and top floor of the hotel. One evening a young writer named Fowler came to meet him.... see details ›

Who was Fowler?

Solution : Fowler was a young writer. He had a romantic concept about spying and secret agents. He wanted to meet Ausable to cover him up for a writing. Ausable was a Secret Agent.... view details ›

What is the moral of the story the midnight visitor?

The ultimate message that one can get from this story is that in any situation we should not panic instead we should take a step and face the situation with our presence of mind.... read more ›

Who was the real culprit according to the King why does he escape?

The real culprit according to the king is the merchant because although his old father was the real murderer he was dead and someone had to be punishment in his place. He escapes the punishment because he is too thin to be properly executed on the stake.... read more ›

Where did Horace go wrong and why?

Where did he go wrong and why? Horace Danby was a meticulous planner but still he faltered. He went wrong when he trusted the young lady. He believed in the phrase 'honour among thieves'.... continue reading ›

What do you think of the lady who outsmarted Horace?

Expert-verified answer

She's incredibly smart and wise. She's also probably surprised to see Horace in the house when she arrives to commit robbery in Grange House. But she quickly and calmly gathers her wits to use the situation for her own benefit.... see details ›

How do you talk to a horse?

How to Talk to Your Horse - YouTube... read more ›

How do you greet a horse?

How to Approach a Horse - YouTube... see more ›

Do horses love you?

Horses love the ability to go to you and give you affection. Any instance where your horse comes to you or gives you attention, some warmth is there. Because horses don't often spend time on anything, they don't have an interest in. Along those same lines, horses can only process one thing at a time.... see details ›

Will a horse bite me?

Horses can (and do) bite as well. Most horse bites are probably playful nips that hurt a little yet don't cause major problems, but some bites can cause serious injuries and infections can result.... view details ›

Can horses hear music?

Although horses' hearing is similar to humans', they can detect sounds at higher and lower pitches than we can. A sudden grating sound can cause stress and anxious behavior.... see more ›

Where should you not touch a horse?

As tempting as it is, don't pet the horse's head. Continue to face his shoulder from the side, petting the neck. Most horses enjoy a scratch on the neck just behind the ear or on the withers at the highest point of the shoulder. Discontinue petting if the horse backs away or shows disinterest.... read more ›

Can horses sense a good person?

"What we've found is that horses can not only read human facial expressions but they can also remember a person's previous emotional state when they meet them later that day – and, crucially, that they adapt their behaviour accordingly," says psychologist Karen McComb. "Essentially horses have a memory for emotion."... read more ›

Why do horses nudge you?

Horses can nudge you with their nose for a variety of reasons. The key reasons are likely to be: pushing you out of the way, encouraging you to give them treats, rudeness, itching, and affection. Sometimes it just genuinely means they want to play.... read more ›

Do horses like to be touched?

3- Generally speaking, horses prefer to be rubbed or stroked strongly and in a rhythmical fashion versus being scratched or tickled. Imagine how two horses would groom each other in the wild. They are strong and would rub or pull on each other strongly.... see more ›

Do horses get jealous?

Do horses get jealous? Horses don't get jealous over one another's achievements or go green with envy when another horse secures the best stable. But, they may become possessive over valuable resources and display jealousy if others get too close to their food or owner.... continue reading ›

Why does my horse lick me so much?

Horses primarily lick people because they like the salt they get from the surface of our skin. But some horses also lick people out of habit, to explore, to play, or because they are bored.... read more ›

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